strangeseraph (strangeseraph) wrote in mavo,

Hi new...

This place look a little dead. Been awhile since people posted here huh? I suppose all the action is in forums.

I'm just a major fan of Teddy Ruxpin, and 80's stuff in general. And I'm writing a Teddy Ruxpin fanfic, on under the same username as this. Warning for kids, there will probably be violence and such in my fic, its Teen rated. But I don't seem to be getting hits so I thought, maybe, to find readers. Don't know the rules here, but won't link the fic here without a thumbs up first. Sound good?

Glad I'm here! :) Need to be more TR fans!
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Personally, I have no issues with a link, as long as I don't need to create a login somewhere else to see it.
Okay, here you go! :)

Summary: Teddy Ruxpin has never had a reason to distrust any of his friends. But an evil witch who is after the crystal amulet may do just that. Will Teddy have to put all his trust in Tweeg, the person he trusts the least? Warnings in chap 1.
I am excited and will have to check it out! Thanks for putting one together for fans to read!
Your welcome! Feel free to comment on the chapters I post. I kinda know what I'm gonna write but feedback really helps me improve my writing. Especially if you see typos! XD