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Here I am again, and with a request.

Hi, here I am stopping in again! I know there's not much activity here, but I'm glad to see there is some! There's a fanfic? Can't wait to check it out!
Now for the request. I wonder if someone could provid me with a picture of Princess Aruzia that I could use for a profile picture on Facebook? There's a campaign going on until Monday to put a cartoon picture from childhood in support of child abuse awareness. I wanted to use Princess Aruzia since, A. she's a character from my childhood, and B. she was kidnapped, which kind of counts as abuse in my mind. So can anyone link me to one? Thanks!
Oh, and a long time ago I mentioned some online interviews with people involved in the series. Here's a link to the one with Ken Forsse, and you can find the others easily from there. If there's still anyone who's interested, that is.
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