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I was going through some old stuff in the file cabinet when I came across a folder labeled "Teddy Ruxpin," and on the front was written "All tested, A-I 100%. Also new, never used!!!" Curious, I started going through the folder page by page, and discovered the contents were all photocopied material from the 1996/97 Toy Faire. I honestly have NO idea where all of this came from, but I found some pretty interesting things listed, and uploaded a few pictures so you could see for yourself:

This is the front page of the packet. Those Lil' Boppers are too cute! :3

An ordering list. I'm glad I got my Mother Goose for free! 0_o

A brief explanation of how to identify the talker's special cassette tapes. Wholes!?!? XD

But what I found next really got me curious:

A list of toys for sale. Note a New Mother Goose from PlaySkool (or Play School as they put it) is listed.

One page out of many listing all the book and tape sets for each toy. Again, New Mother Goose by PlaySkool? They even have a list of books and tapes for her, too, and... they don't have any for Teddy?...

So, I started looking around on the internet and could NOT find a single bit of information on PlaySkool's "New Mother Goose." Judging by the papers, there obviously was one made, possibly even before they did Teddy since there wasn't even a list of book/tape sets for him yet. But what I want to know is... what happened? If anyone has info on a PlaySkool Mother Goose I'd really appreciate it. :)

Oh, and there are many other pages I didn't bother copying, and if you want one feel free to email me at There are a bunch of product lists, and lists of all known WOW merchandise as well as book/tape sets for nearly every talker made! It'd be something to have if you're trying to get all the book/tape sets or outfits for Mickey Mouse or Teddy or Pamela or anything else.
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