Blueoctopede (blueoctopede) wrote in mavo,

Teddy update

In case yall haven't noticed, Teddy has been officially released and is in stock at most Target stores in the US. As far as I can tell, all they have available is the basic set of Teddy with two story cartridges and books. So if you weren't able to pre-order (which doesn't make much of a difference since Backpack Toys is a year late in shipping them) you better grab them before they're all gone! ;) (...or before the company goes bankrupt. Has anyone else noticed that Teddy seems to have a really bad affect on his makers? First WOW goes out of buisness, then he flunks out with Playskool since he was so poorly made, then YES! goes belly-up... Maybe its a curse! *gasp*)
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