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Teddy Ruxpin computer game!

There's a new game out called Gobs of Fobs. From what I can tell, it's a checkers style game, where you move the Fobs from one side of the board to the other, while under a time limit. Here's some info. from
"It's springtime and that means one thing in the land of Grundo: Springtime Singtime. The annual event to celebrate the arrival of spring is here and the fobs are celebrating with one of their favorite games!

Position the brightly colored fobs on the game board to match up like colors and advance in level before the timer runs out!

• Beautifully rendered 3D environments that let you visit the magical land of Grundo, where Teddy Ruxpin and his friends live!

• Three different game modes to keep your brain teased!

• Two different difficulty settings, Normal for the beginner and Hard for the expert puzzle gamers!

• Official music and voices from the Teddy Ruxpin series!"

So far, that's the only place I've found info. on the game. If you ask me, it looks pretty snazzy :)
If you want to see screenshots of the game and/or download the free demo, click here.
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