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More on First National and Teddy on DVD...

Recently jcaliff brought us the press release and web links for the First National DVD release. I decided to add that information to the Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin Wikipedia article, and decided to push an update to the First National page as well. In looking through the other press releases on their site, I've been able to ascertain what I would consider some good news and some bad news.

The bad news first...

The DVDs are billed as "push to play" with no special or bonus features.

Now the good news...

The family DVD line is listed at $5.99 per release. At five episodes per volume, this works out to be $1.20 an episode.

Personally, I'm still disappointed the release isn't through SHOUT! Factory. Now that Teddy is an acquired property, it's not like some other company is going to pick it up and do a different release without some kind of massive sales figures. Any kind of documentary, interviews with creators, storyboards, anything like that, won't have a chance to happen until DVD is superseded. That having been said, $78 to acquire the entire series seems reasonable to me given the price-per-episode ratio, although it will take up a lot of shelf space.

The real question, at this point, is where FNP will be sourcing the DVD master from. If they go back to the original 16mm prints I will, in fact, love them forever. Even if they use the original DiC 1" distribution masters it won't be too bad...
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